Tuesday, October 16

My job?

I realized that I never mentioned about my job. I got a job in last week of August after numerous of job interviews and resumes being mailed out.
Well I do have several jobs but this one is my main occupation since it guarantees me a paycheck every other weeks.

What is it? Let me give you several hints:

*My work clothes are consisted of a pair of tennis shoes, yoga pants, and a stretchy t-shirt.

*I have to stay hydrated.

*I meet with clients at their homes on a daily basis.

*Most of my clients are very friendly and lovable. There are a few that don't bond with me.

*When I get home, I have to use a lint roller.

Can you guess what is my occupation? Leave a comment. :-)
(Those who already know what my job is, SHUSH!!!!!!!!!!)

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