Friday, October 12

Noisy Neighbors

Whoever said that Deaf people are usually loud roommates/neighbors had not been to my apartment building!

I am fully aware that I am the worst roommate for any hearing people who are not accustomed to the Deaf way-- banging doors, loud footsteps, and clanking of pots in the sink...

I do always TRY my best to be quiet when it is dark outside-- holding the doors all way to shut it... instead of flinging it shut... pulling out the drawer slowly... not stomping on the floor for attention (my husband and I had taken up the habit of throwing a rolled-up sock at each other at our previous home)....


This apartment complex!
The impossible is possible. There are people more NOISY than me.

What, you say, I can hear noises?

NO. But I can feel my neighbors! If I could feel them, then they must be loud!
That is my hypothesis-- if I could feel something, that is because it is really loud like a jet flying by, a motorcycle passing by, a loud music concert....

Every hour, even during the wee hours, I feel every vibrations-- from my floor, from my wood chair, from my thin walls... BANG, STOMP, CLANG! BANG! STOMP! CLANG!
And where the hell it come from, I don't know! Upstairs? Definitely not downstairs. Nothing but musky basement with mice and cockroaches, I am sure. Next door? They do have a kid...I think. I never saw them. I only saw the grandmother that, no offense, looks like a prostitute. Perhaps it is the apartment to my right? There is a teenager boy and a man, perhaps his father or uncle. I never see any young kids whose tantrums may account for the BANG I always feel.

One time, not too long ago, we felt something over and over-- that the best guess I had was that somebody's bookcase full of books has toppled over... and over.. and over... because you can feel those little bangs, almost as if it was vibrating the entire floor then BANG!.... and it didn't stop there. It happened again for almost every 10 minutes. Finally it stopped after an hour.

I just hope I don't have any hearing overnight guests while I live here.

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