Friday, October 26

Size of the Fires

To give you an idea how huge of an impact the wildfires had done in San Diego county, my dear husband had done some mathematics and wanted to share this logistics below:

Thursday Oct 25th 7am: SignOnSanDiego: "County Supervisor Ron Roberts said during the morning news briefing that the region's fires have burned close to 350,000 acres. The fires have destroyed at least 1,470 residences."
350,000 acres is a hard figure to visualize, so I did a conversion and it's about 540square miles. It takes a long time to drive 540 linear miles speeding along on the freeway, and if you do 540 square miles, that's a huge amount of area. Equal to 5.5 "DC's" So it's obvious how much land this fire has scorched.
The image attached is looking at about 2,900sq miles and if you do the math, the fire has consumed a bit less than 1/4 of the area in the image.

To get an idea where my family are in the surrounding of numerous fires, I made boxes to roughly locate their homes.

Qualcomm Stadium is closed due to its inefficiency as a shelter (literally NO roof for people to sleep beneath) and lack of showers... so the evacutees are now migrating to Del Mar Fairgrounds. The fires are now mostly in the north and east parts of the county and in Camp Pendleton-- but the finger-biting hasn't ended.
You never know where the fires go next.

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