Wednesday, October 3

Ubiquitous Greenery

Most of pictures are taken in Alexandria. One or two are taken at Capitol Hill in DC. I love Alexandria more than D.C.. It is more fun to take pictures-- I do have some spiffy pictures of the building, but this post is all about GREENERY, so I will refrain myself until next post.

A green spiky acorn... yes. It is a punk acorn.

Your typical acorn-- the kind that Chip'n'Dale crave for.

Ah, it can't be that hard to be green!

The view from our bedroom... nothing but green grass and trees! (just behind the brick fence is a very busy street. Thank goodness we are Deaf!)

Praying Mantis! They are everywhere here... it must be DC's state bug? They are totally cool to see up close.

Okay, this is my "odd" nature snapshot. This is actually some type of acorn (lack for a better word) that falls from this big tree. At first I thought it was a nerf ball, but realized it is rather a fruit/acorn instead with odd texture. C described it as "floam" and I thought it is the most accurate description.

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