Thursday, October 25

What kind of Blogger Am I?

What Kind of Blogger Are You?

The test determines your score based on your greed, experience, and sociability. Simple as that. I took this test for fun when I saw this over at into dean's cyberspace.

I scored LOW on the greed-- a minus six. I guess because I am not sponsored or try to profit from my blog. Blogging is just my public diary for people to listen to my ramblings and thoughts. :-) Well I won't mind earning a few bucks here and there... hint hint.
"You're not in this for the money, for you blogging is all about the passion! Sure you might make a little pocket change now and again, but you know that it's the content, the audience and the people that are what makes blogging great!"

As for experience as a blogger, I scored 1. Their questions are vague, but I can say that I have been blogging since I was age 12, I think, over at diaryland (which is still operating!), then I found my favorite home at but alas they started to charge for membership, so I scrambled around and decided to go ahead with and stayed there ever since 2002. P.S.- I have no idea who Nick Denton is !!!
"You've been blogging since Nick Denton was in diapers. When it comes to blogging experience, you are the authority on blogging. Heck you probably even have a blog where you give advice about blogging!"

As for the sociability, I scored a three. Ihave to make a disclaimer-- the only reason I know about twitter and stumbledupon is because of Deaf258. Without him, I will be a hermit... well Facebook helps a bit too. :-)
You love web 2.0 stuff like Digg and Delicious and you're involved in more blogging groups, networks and activities than anyone else you know. With all your connections, you make Neil Patel look positively anti-social!

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