Sunday, November 11

I take it back.

It is not hot. It is quite opposite to this post on the day of Monday, October 8 where I complained about the heat and humidity of Washington D.C.

It is not hot anymore. It is beyond cold. It has been below 60 degrees lately even in the high noon of days...

You people who have been lived in this area are crazy for wanting to stay here forever. You are missing a great life in California. People here said they hate thes ummer. Well, that is because you never experience an arid summer because otherwise you will LOVE the summer.

Back in California, winter is my favorite-- high waves, crispy and blue air, and a hot latte on the beach with a good fleece jacket. But now I am reconsidering my favorite season for the East Coast.

It better be snowing here or I will be pissed if it just rains all winter. Rain below 50 degrees are no fun for a dog-walker, I am telling you. Snow just makes it easy because I just have to take the dogs out to the backyard for their potty break and run back in to warm up by having playtime!

Winds are the biggest factor why the temperature below 50 degrees is unbearable here... Just the other day it was 45 degrees but I am just dandy, thanks to a fleece-lined gloves, poofy coat, and a knitted scarf... until the winds came then it just went through my scarf and blew up on my neck, froze my ears, and numbed my nose...

I think my birthday wish list will be composed of thermal underclothes, scarves, and warm sweaters like this at Old Navy...

Oh by the way, DONATIONS OF WARM CLOTHES AND ACCESSORIES ARE ACCEPTED. So send your old scarf over...!

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