Tuesday, November 20

Reverse-911 for Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing

Since I am from San Diego, the recent October fires had an impact on me-- being helpless three thousand miles away, watching the news reporting about the fires (with no CC, grr!), trying to pinpoint my families' homes and the distance from the ravaging fires, and trying to keep in contact via text messages.
I cannot imagine what it is like being there, but fortunately Jon Savage reported about it-- and one post of his that brought up a very important issue-- communication barrier .

Deaf Community Services' president has sent off a message to the San Diego to call attention to the issue that not many Deaf/HoH people have a TTY at hand and this creates a problem when reverse 911 system is in effect to warn the residents.

The reply from the city:
"Alert San Diego has the ability to recognize a TTY device. They should
register their TTY number as they would their cellular number. Thank
you for your concerns.

Office of Emergency Services"

So if you haven't done this, go ahead and sign up for information. You can sign up at
http://www.sandiego.gov/ohs/reverse911/index.shtml only if you are a San Diego (City) resident. Each city has their own reverse 911, so if you live in, say, Oceanside or Chula Vista, do check with your city and inquire about how they will contact you via text or tty.

For anybody outside of the San Diego County (like me!), you can sign up at http://www.sdcounty.ca.gov/oes/ready/signup.html to get any emergency alert.

You should only register your cell, email, et cetera-- they do ALREADY have the land-lines phone numbers in their databases.

Hopefully this is helpful to people who didn't get this email flying around.

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