Monday, November 26

Trading in my scarf and mittens...

for a pair of REEF sandals and a denim skirt...!

San Diego-- I said I will come back, so shall I will this Wednesday!!

There is a big smile on my face as I check the wunderground site for weather.

The forecast for San Diego is 76 degrees on Wednesday while it will be 51 degrees where I live...

Oh yeah, I am definitely packing tank tops, shorts, skirts, and just sandals! Screw the raincoat, the boots, the mittens and the scarf! Well... I can still wear the scarf in San Diego, but not fleece or knit... a different type of scarf for San Diego will be a thin silk-like scarf as an accessory, not as a necessary.

:-) This is a hint that I will be out of Deaf v/blogosphere this upcoming weekend.

Behave yourselves!

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