Tuesday, December 18

Fun with my Hubby

I am ghostwriting what my husband wants me to post on my blog. He kept throwing at me topics that I should blog about-- "bloody knuckles", "proof that I am a Californian", and many more. So today's entry is dedicated to my husband "C', the invisible sidekick of this blogsite. :-)

I played bloody knuckles today with my husband.
No we didn't get in a fight, he taught me a game he and his brother used to play. In fact, wikipedia got an entry on it and what is so silly about it that this simple game does have a LOT of rules. For instance, you must keep your knuckles against another person's knuckles... and you cannot lift it way above their knuckles to psych them-- you must only lift your knuckle high enough to HIT their knuckles... if you err by psyching them by lifting your knuckles too high, they get a free hit on your knuckles. The reason the game has the name "Bloody Knuckles" because you are supposed to play that game until somebody gets a bleeding knuckle. Fortunately, we didn't play that long and because I am a lousy player. I kept laughing and laughing every time we hit each other's knuckles or me psyching him out... I cannot just keep a serious face with the goal of breaking their knuckles' skin to let the blood flowing out!

It is snowing?
Last week I did show pictures of DC turning into a winterland, but I didn't include an email that my husband sent to me when he was puzzled about the Pentagon being so dusty. In an early morning, he went off to the Pentagon for the metro via bus, and as he walked to the metro, he noticed that the air was very dusty. He pondered if there was construction active today (they were still fixing the building) and decided to analyze the dust. He walked over to a pack on ground that looks like all dust being raked up together... he noticed that they were too pale to be dust (not gray)... and began to think to himself, "maybe it is snow?" but couldn't confirm this until he looked up on www.wunderground.com on his sidekick. The wunderground confirmed that that day's forecast was "flurry snow." Imagine that... he had to relay on a website to confirm that this 'dust' are indeed snow!!! Just to show you how much California is in him!
(His first snowfall was one or two years ago when I took him to Julian, a small town in San Diego County when they had an unusual March snow. He had seen snow when he went to Big Bear years ago but it never snowed while he was there).

What is that? PYSCH!
C didn't ask me to blog about this, but since this is in his honor, I oughta. This game has no name but if you describe it, I guarantee you 80% of boys will go "oh YEAH, I know that one!" I never heard of it until C decided to begin this game with me... and regretted that day because I am the CHAMP of this game.

This is another simple game with a lot of rules.
This game revolves the "OK" gesture, seen in the image below:

This gesture is what deems the winner. The major rule is that you cannot use this gesture above your chest level. (no "eyeglasses" sign or "sunrise" sign-- that is CHEATING). And this game is more FUN when you try to use it in a sentence in ASL because it is hilarious. It is not the same as hearing people with their spoken languages-- because this "OK" gesture may look like a sign for "stain", "bruise", "sunset", "spots", "polka-dots", and many more if you think hard.

Anyway-- why would you try to use this gesture?
You are trying to make the other player (whom may not be aware the game is in the "play") to look at this gesture. If they do look at this "OK" gesture, you get to hit them.
If they didn't look at it, but instead putting their finger through your "OK" gesture-- BUSTED! Sorry, but they get to hit you for being a lousy player.

(A sad note:: it seems that among immature homophobic males, this game is to test if you are gay or not-- because if you hold "OK" gesture below your chest level, usually it ends up around your crotch-level and if you caught a male looking at your crotch just to see what gesture you are using, it shows that they are more willing to look at your crotch because they are gay. VERY homophobia.)

My dear husband thought it was funny when he psyched me to look at his "OK" gesture when he commented about the avocado stains he had on his pants... and I got hit.
But I learned my lessons... and made him paying for it.

The best strategy is to go: "What is that?" and hold "OK" gesture at somewhere where s/he has to turn his head and look at your hand...and HIT THEM HARD!

Admittedly, the worst (and the best) strategy is where I would ask my husband for his opinion of my shirt/jacket/top (while I hold up a "OK" gesture over one of my girls) and he, like a faithful husband, automatically looks at my girls. It works *every* time.
He declared that I broke the "below chest-level" rule, but I argued back that technically my girls are not at the chest-level like an average person, but rather below-chest-level because of the gravity.

And the best thing about this "OK" game is that it never ends and you can do it anywhere.
"Hey, do you mind getting me pepper-- *punch* you looked at my OK sign" at the cafeteria,
"do you mind pick-up... *PUNCH* you looked at my OK again" in an office,
"gosh, look at that stubborn ketchup stain.. *PUNCH* haha!" at a laundromat.

Lov you, C, rots and rots.

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