Sunday, December 30

Näkemiin 2007, Moi 2008!

Finnish for "Good bye 2007, Hello 2008!"

Abridged Transcript:
I got this great Christmas card that ends 2007 on a good note. I worked as a dog-walker so I got cards from the owners whose dogs I have been walking for past few months. One card that I just gotta show-- its front says: "Merry Christmas to the Scooper" with a cute scruffy dog with a bow around its neck... then when you open to read inside-- that is the best part-- "From the Pooper." Yes. What a great Christmas card for my job! Scooper, Pooper-- what a wonderful rhyme.
So with 2007 being pushed out, coming into the picture is 2008-- and I have been thinking about what resolutions I should have for 2008 and I think I have three to share...

#1- No more chocolate/candies/treats. You know the saying "sweet tooth"? Well I got sweet TEETH! I have an uncontrollable addiction to chocolates to an extent that I hide my stash of sweeties from my husband-- yes, it is that bad. So I decided that I won't buy more sweeties to bring home-- I bought my LAST bag of Reese's (my favorite!) so from now on, no more bags of chocolate from CostCo because it saved me 5 bucks! But however I do allow myself to have treats whenever I go out-- such as ordering desserts at a restaurant or eating a candy bar as the last resort at Seven-Eleven store. But nonetheless, NO candies stored in my home!

#2- To buy a home-- not a manison or anything, but rather a townhouse or a condo maybe... hopefully in the District for easy commute to Gallaudet and to my work in DC. Right now my current home is wonderful and all but the lack of Metro is the con of this home. I want to be more green and use the Metro more instead of riding the bus (taking up too much time) or driving into the DC (I get lost every time).

#3- To make more friends and meet more people. I am not that type of person that is a social butterfly, greeting everybody at the party. I keep to myself. I am sorta of a shy person-- well that's what my husband said-- he said that I am very outgoing person when I am around familiar faces, but it has been difficult for me to make new friends here in DC because I don't know anybody-- like I am all alone at a party surrounding by strangers. Back in San Diego, I usually already know everybody and I meet new people by meeting through mutual friends. The story's different here where I have nobody that is a mutual friend. So I, as a wallflower, gotta step out of the wall and socialize to meet more people.

I hope y'all have a happy new year! I plan to do more vlogs about Certified Deaf Interpreters to clear up some myths so keep your eye out for them!

(Not included in the vlog)
And I am hoping all of you commenters will take up a new resolution-- no negative comments typed out! Let vloggers put out videos they feel like sharing... even if it is a five-seconds clip of their beloved pet or kid.
If you don't like my videos, you can always put up your own videos. :-) I ain't gonna do all the work for ya! Otherwise, shut your trap.

(sticking out my tongue playfully)

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