Monday, January 21

Stealthy Visit to San Diego

I have been quiet for the past week because I was nowhere near a computer. I was surprised that I didn't get online over the vacation (well, sidekick doesn't count!). Good for me!

C and I slipped out to fly out to San Diego for a belated Christmas get-together with the family (both sides) for a week. It was very wonderful to be warm again and getting the sun on us. I went to three different beaches so I got enough sand between my toes to last a few more months! ;-)
We got to meet the new addition to family-- a newborn set of twins! Hayden and Hayley-- tiny and adorable! Yessire, a boy and a girl. Very lucky for the proud parents, C's brother and his wife! We spent time discussing whom resembles who. Hayden got most of his father's features with his mother's nose while Hayley has a strong resemblance to her mother.

Unfortunately a trip to San Diego also means a relapse into the chocolate addiction. My mother's house is like that gingerbread house mentioned in Hansel and Gretel's story... you can find a cookie or a candy bar in every turn. Mom doesn't know about my resolution (and I still didn't tell her so it is my fault for the relapse). But my mom's home is not my home so it still counts as "eating treats while going out with friends"....?????
But you have to know that I didn't buy any candies in San Diego! It was all free. :-/ And I didn't empty any box/bag of candies so that is good news... so I guess I sorta bent my resolution. At least I am honest!!!

Being stealthy about visiting San Diego has been a success in terms of no rains in San Diego. WHEW!! However when I went back to DeeSee, it was VERY cold. There were packs of ice/snow here and there where the sun didn't shine. The temperature did drop to 16 degrees last night. I am very glad I got a new down coat (Kiitos Ă„iti!) that is knee-length and got a nice thick turtleneck that I can zip up with a hood.
I look like a local now with this black coat, the local favorite color.

I am doing OK with the dropping temperature-- I am equipped better (wool socks, down coat, snowpants, thermal base layers). I adjusted to it (40s do sound balmy now). I take advantage of the free heat (bookstore, cafes, foyers at the mall).
Today I drove on the 395 heading to New York Ave and you could see icicles coming out from the ceiling of the tunnel. A bit scary when you think about icicles breaking off and falling onto a car!! Who will pay for the damage????

Right now C is going to cook me an Indian meal-- its spiciness warms you up!

Coming Soon: two vlogs!!!!!

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