Tuesday, February 19

Survey for Deaf Interpreters

I have received this in an email and thought I will pass this on to my fellow Deaf Interpreters. This is a survey conducted by an organization to be passed out to Deaf Interpreters who have experience of interpreting (certified or not) to see what experience they bring to the job. As many of you know, Deaf Interpreting is still a fuzzy area that has became more clear in recent years with people being more aware and the job became articulate in whats duties and Blogger: dorkette: EXPOSED - Edit Post "Survey for Deaf Interpreters"performances it requires.

Hopefully the statistic will show that more resources are needed to promote professional developments for Deaf Interpreters!

Read below for the message and the link to take up the survey. Be honest in the survey-- we need to provide more data about Deaf Interpreting!!!!


NCIEC Conducts Deaf Interpreter National Survey February 14-March 14, 2008

As part of its efforts to understand the practice of Deaf Interpreting, the National Consortium of Interpreter Education Centers is conducting a national survey of Deaf Interpreters. The survey will be open online from February 14 - March 14, 2008. Deaf individuals who work in the capacity of interpreters in any setting,
whether on a part-time or full-time basis, and whether certified or not, are invited to participate. It is hoped that the survey will shed light on the background and experiences of Deaf interpreters, whom they work with, in what settings, and what their professional development needs are. The survey takes about 15 minutes to complete. Results of the survey will be available in mid-April.

Interested Deaf Interpreters can view an ASL invitation to participate at http://www.asl. neu.edu/nciec/DI_surveyintro. html, or go directly to the survey at http://www.zoomeran g.com/survey.zgi?p=WEB22796PD SKFE

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