Friday, March 7


::How to be Frugal::
a young city-slicker's guide

1. Shop at Goodwill and Salvation Army for jacket, jeans, tops, belts or scarves... people do give away designer clothes! Think-- American Eagle jeans for six bucks, Gap denim jacket for five bucks... SCORE! However, do not shop for underwear or shoes. (and the cool thing is that all your spending money go forward to a cause!)

2. Borrow DVDs from your library! They do have Spiderman 3... if you are a student, try your college/university's library.

3. Cut the cable and become a Netflix member if you so must have your movies. Think about it-- no more commericals!

3. Instead of paying monthly for Netflix membership, read free books from libraries! Many movies are based on novels, you know?

4. If you do occasionally watch a movie like me (once a month), rent a movie from Redbox, not Blockbuster!

5. Buy generic food-- it tastes the same as brand-name food and a whole lot cheaper!

6. Use public transportation. It saves you the headache of traffic and finding a parking spot! For me, it is nice to catch up with my knitting projects!

6a. Or join Zipcars!

7. Turn down the heat and bundle up-- that is what blankets and socks are for!

8. Unplug your TV, computer, charger when not in use-- they are electricity-vampires even when in "off" mode.

9. Flush your toilet seldom (except when it is number 2)-- Warning: this is an extreme measure and can only be used in residence with intimate relationships-- this is a sure-fire way to get your roommate moving out next day.

10. Join your local group for Freecycle and get free stuff-- leisure books, kids' clothes, and even a sofa!

11. Take cheap thrills by going out to free events. Most museums open for free on Tuesdays. Book fairs, art galleries' opening nights (free wine and cheese!), and local festivals such as Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington D.C.!

12. Go out only during happy hour-- most bars/restaurant slash the appetizers and drinks half off-- so the adage "early bird get the worm" is true! Get drunk first before everybody else arrives for the evening!

13. --- YOU ADD! ---

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