Saturday, April 19

Crafty Dorkette!

I think today's generation of women differs from last generation in terms of skills of seamstress and tailor.
Perhaps the difference lays with domesticity and feminism-- it is no longer expected for women to stay home, do household chores, and whatnot. Likewise for the men, it is not embarrassing if they do know how to sew their shirts. It is liberating for both sexes to do whatever they want without abiding to the society expectations of their gender compared to last generation.

Maybe it is different for me because my mother is 62 years old and I am 22 years old-- so I share the same skills that most 30 to 40s women learned from their mothers.

Let me get to my point--
I feel out of place, out of my generation, all because I know how to use the sewing machine. It seems to be scandalous for me, as a feminist, to know those skills that have been long associated with the housewife image.

Am I degrading myself as a woman if I do enjoy sewing?

I think the women of 90s differ from the women of 2000s-- because based on what I see is that it is cool if you know how to sew and whatnot. Look at and you will find plethora of crafty bags, hand-sewn dress, organic home-made soaps, and retro-looking dolls for today's babies.

Maybe it is because the popular media now emphasizes on the concept of "D-I-Y"-- Do It Yourself. Trading Spaces, Clean Your House, Design on a Dime... all of them relies on the house-owners to pitch in their labor, skills, whatnot to make their homes beautiful.

I think Project Runway did it by making it mainstreamed and accepted for women and men to sew. More websites are popping up all over offering free sewing patterns (upon registering as a member) like Burda and Craftser forum... Now you can go and make that amazing dress you have been eyeing in a store but its retail price is 300$...!

So right now, my DIY projects include a luggage bag that needs to be patched to mend the worn-out seams, several scarves to be sewn in time for spring, rebuttoning my skirt and sew back on a belt loop that is falling off from my capri.

I am a feminist who loves the sewing machine. And I am proud to say that I do know how to knit too!
I love to defy the society expectations. Crafty of me, indeed. ;-)


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