Saturday, April 5

Gallaudet. Period.

I have kept this mum because... well, I was not certain.

Oftentimes, I would say "oh I might do this..." and then all suddenly it snowballed into something that I cannot stop and yell out: "WAIT! I CHANGED MY MIND!"
So this time around, I decided to keep it to myself (and to my husband) to ponder what is my next step. I discussed with some friends and whatnot, but I pushed off to blog about it because it seems as if you blog something, it becomes... PERMANENT.

So... now I am blogging with a Sharpie marker...
I have applied to Gallaudet's graduate program in Interpretation.

And they have contacted me to establish an interview which is in a couple of weeks.

Don't ask me how do I feel-- I think I have already established that I am the worst person to pry an answer to the dreadful question "how do you feel???" with my vlogs about moving to DC and my blogs about taking a class in Turkey.

I am usually numb to everything-- I think I refuse to "feel" which might set me up for disappointments due to high expectations. I just want to go with the flow, enjoying what is offered to me, not being surprised by detours in my life.

But I can say one thing for sure-- I feel relieved. RELIEVED.
That I am making progress with my future, with my involvement with interpreting.

I cannot say for certain what I want from the program-- what I foresee myself doing in 10 years from now...I cannot answer either question. I just know that I feel this is the right step and I have 100% confidence in Deaf Interpreting because it is the most natural choice I made in my life.

Natural, how? Nobody forced me... that it never snowballed... No condition preludes my choice such as financial stresses, need to have a degree, et cetera...
This is the choice I made all by myself just because I want it.

There weren't many choices I wanted to be offered to me, and I had to settle for inadequate choices. I dealt with that all my life. But not this. I *made* the choice available which was also the choice I *wanted*.
It sure feels good.

Now... snowball all you want! Roll, roll, roll...!
Let's see where this interpreting field takes me!

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