Saturday, April 19

Sewing Galore

Patty over at TheDeafBlindsMusing has inflicted me to show off my sewing projects! Check hers out for her quilt project!

Mind you, I never take up a sewing class and all my sewing knowledge came from my mother and my dear friend (who did take up the sewing class!) and the wonderful internet! I know how to handsew, but sewing machine just made it much easier! Unfortunately I don't know many techniques like darts and whatnot-- so I tend to wing it and see what happens.

Most of my projects are reconstruction projects-- I am a big believer in three R's-- so I usually buy stuff from Goodwill that got wonderful patterns but "blah" in form-- and it is SO cheap that I don't feel guilty to cut it up and see if I can transform that apparel into something beautiful.


I found this extra-extra-large sweater at a Goodwill store and I loved the fabric and pattern but... it is too BIG!


Ta-da, a vest! Feedback on whether I should shorten it more? The sides are BADLY sewn because I pulled the fabric while sewing so it is sort of warped. Lesson learned... don't stretch the fabric, just let the sewing machine pull the fabric through!

and the beanie hat that I salvaged out from the bottom of the sweater. I made two-- one is too small and suitable for a child and a large sized hat fits me.


I lost a long-time friend recently... my good ol' pair of stretchable jeans... but it will be glad to hear that it has been converted to a foot-long chew toy for dogs and a nifty hipslinger purse with three pockets intact!
(jeez, my butt looks BIG... note to self: maybe just two pockets instead of three is a good idea so nobody can notice that my butt is actually WIDE)


And I made a scarf from scratch-- I bought this nifty fabric that is like a buck a yard and made it a short scarf (3-feet instead of 5-feet) with amazing stitches that the sewing machine did on the ends of the scarf!

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