Saturday, May 10

A Leap of Joy

I got accepted!

So this Fall, I am officially a graduate student at Gallaudet's Interpretation Program. Let's see where this forked road takes me. Right now, my big worry is to find how to pay for graduate studies. Don't tell me to go to local VR office-- they won't accept my case because a BA degree is pretty much good enough for me (yet I haven't a decent-paying job since I moved here in DC?). I am a bit leery about taking a student loan because I plan to take a loan for other purposes (details not needed to elaborate at the moment). Two major loans simultaneously is a bad idea. I am hoping for scholarships/grants, work-study, waiver of tuition fees-- whatever resources that result with my money staying in my pockets.
... so I am not exactly out of woods-- I still have to figure out what to do, where to live, which job, and whether I have to be a starving graduate student... :-)
Wish me luck but meanwhile, go ahead and leap for joy!

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