Thursday, May 29

Me Kiss-Fist DC What?

If you happen to pit me down on the ground, twisting my arm to get an answer from me to the question: what do I love about D.C.? I will yell out "architecture! architecture!" as if I am yelling out "uncle! uncle!"

Needless to say, the styles of historical buildings in Washington D.C. are drop-dead gorgeous. The 19th century period homes are the best. I found myself fascinated with the textures, the lighting fixtures, and the weathering effects of patina, rust, and warped wood.

My utmost favorite thing is not in DC per se, but rather hanging over the Potomac River. Yes, I am referring to that gorgeous rail bridge for VRE (Virginia Rail Express)... with lovely graffiti here and there accented by the patina. Let's not forget those robust vines clinging to the posts as the high tide waves bash against the posts.

You only get this great view either from a yacht wading down the river or from a Yellow line metro train as it trods from L'Efante station to Pentagon station.

Not the people. Not the politics. Not the museums. It is just that one bridge that captured my heart.

This is actually the back of the view. This picture is only to give you the idea... soon I will snap a picture of the proper view that will take away your breath. :-)

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