Thursday, June 26

Cancer Awareness -- IN ASL

I know I sort missed my chance when there were numerous walks across the nation to promote awareness and support for cures for breast cancer and whatnot. It is better to be late than never!

Somebody a while ago at Gallaudet (I only could remember your last name--Nunn) mentioned that I should use my blog/vlog as a power to promote needed knowledge for the Deaf community. Inspired, I decided to revive an old entry that I blogged about.

I posted that entry pre-DeafRead when I was not famous... :-)
Since now the limelight has graced me, I have your attention now.

Those videos (in ASL, with subtitles and voiceover) were produced and distrubated by the Outreach program at UCSD's Moores Cancer Center in La Jolla, California. Here is their website.
They are more than glad to mail you the video if you want to share this information at your deaf churches, deaf events, or even for a small party with friends who want to watch the videos.

Explanation about the cancer itself, its symptoms, and possible treatments along with the aftermath are all explained in those amazing videos. This makes it easier for Deaf people to seek information, especially with the medical jargons that can send your head spinning!

The Outreach program took it a notch up-- they have those videos available online! They break the educational film in parts to make it downloadable (RealPlayer only), so you can download certain questions or topics such as treatments, but I would recommend you to watch all clips.

The videos available online to view are:
Breast Cancer Education - "Every Woman Counts"
Cervical Cancer Education - "Catch it early and save your life"
Ovarian Cancer Education - "Finding and Surviving Ovarian Cancer"
Uterine Cancer Education - "The cancer few women know"
Prostate and Testicular Cancer Education - "Know Your Options!"

(A Fun Tidbit: I am in the Cervical Cancer film! Find me... I was only 17 years old even though in the film I said I was 21! Long story short-- they desperately needed volunteers and my little naive self got snatched up.)

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