Saturday, June 21

Purdy, Ain't It?

Do NOT diss the colors of this layout.
Those colors are actually my favorite colors. They belong to two color families of brown and blue. Ask anybody that know me, I love brown and blue (more like "teal"). I think those two colors are a fabulous marriage of colors!
Brown-orange and teal always remind me of the beach. The ocean, the sand, the sea breezes, sea foam, sand dollars. Ah, I love California. :-)

Anyway, good news! The comment section is now working!

Be seeing you around in DC or in the cyberspace... leave some love!


LaRonda said...

Yes, it's purdy, dear one. I liked your other title bar in the past though. It was risky and bold abd truly exposed! But I like that the colors here match your love for the sea and the earth. Nice wide space too. Good work.

~ LaRonda

H.W. said...

I must be color-blind. I'm seeing medium blue letters against a black blackground sitting on a teal bar. There are two thin bars...teal and med blue at the top of the header.