Sunday, June 15

To Anonymous Comments, With love, Gnarlydorkette

Disclaimer to comment-makers--
I do not allow anonymous comments. Put a name to your soapbox.
I don't take you seriously if you hide behind "anonymous", especially if you are spewing mean-spirited biased comments.
Sorry, but if you want to bad-mouth me or anybody, you gotta show us your John Hancock. Fair game.

***NOTE: I am still figuring out why the comments don't show up. The error laid with the fact that I decided to switch over to blogger's comments for moderations which means I dropped Haloscan's comment services... and thar the snafu!
Have patience with me as I sift through the templates to find the html codes for comments so I can reinstate the ability to comment in my blog.

1 comment:

Sam said...

test, can you read my comment? Good?