Tuesday, July 15

Cardboard, Packing Peanuts, Bubble wraps, Oh My!

So many videos to edit, so many blogs to spell-check, so many things unfinished for my blog... no time to do all that... why...?
Cannot you see?! My apartment is in shambles, I am doing this all on my own, I am exhausted, and my apartment management unnerves me!

What? Is it obvious enough?

My husband is on other side of the country (wise move, perhaps), leaving all the pack-up to me alone. So far, I got.... (counting) 11 boxes, all different sizes and good number of bags with clothes in it. I almost threw my back out as I disassembled a large wardrobe last night all by myself.

My place has a HORRIBLE feng shui now... I cannot sleep well for the past week... My cat constantly attacks me in his angry outbursts due to the fact that I messed his karma up (either that or he dislikes all of those boxes stacked up, towering over him).

I just cannot wait to move in the new place... and begone with this cursed apartment... it is cute and blah blah for a first "home", but seriously, I can do better than this place. The only thing that I will regret leaving this apartment is the amazing MOM's which is only a block away... I will MISS the stroll to pick up a fresh organic apple.

At the new place-- we have our OWN washer and dryer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have to realize that this is a huge deal for us.... because for the past year, we had to deal with problems with our building's laundry room. Problems like broken washer, coin-eating dryer, doors that won't close, funny smells from inside of washer, and people hogging all washers and dryers during peak hours. AND to top it all-- THE LOUSY OPERATING HOURS!!! Our laundry room is open only from 8am to 8pm!!! Impossible given the fact that I leave to work at 7am and get home at 6pm!!! Totally impossible to do all loads just within two hours if there is only four washers and four dryers for all people in a 16-unit apartment building!!!! YES!

So... to have the luxury of a personal washer and dryer, convenient at any hours, with no lines to wait in, oh yes.... it is a luxury!!

I am looking forward to the new place in D.C.. A bigger and better place which is just even better with its location. I know all boxes and bad feng shui will end soon when I move next week. I pick up the key for our new home this Monday... and I will grin from ear to ear...

I hope you all can pick up a hint...HIATUS TIME UNTIL I AM SETTLED IN MY NEW PLACE (for sure by end of the month).

By the way, if you have a truck and you live in D.C.-- come over and help me with the big items like mattress and big boxes!!! (batting her eyes)


Sam Dorsey said...

Thank you very much, Kirsi!

The sign language performance of Kirsi as Gnarly Dorkette is extraordinary! Really incredible how authentic she is...

anyway, we hope this website will grow better and better, and we will make you our best wishes...after moving out and settling down.

Take care and your top priority comes first before us.

Your huge Laurent Clerc fans and friends, COLA and CD interpreters and sign language students

Paulette said...

yea! i know the feeling of piles of boxes all over the place before moving out or in. My pets reacted and all that. Been there! At the same time it is great to have something to look forward to when moving into a new place ... having full acess to a washer and dryer! It is a must for me! wish u the best with the move and all.

... Paulette