Thursday, July 31

No Internet? Eep.

It seems in our blinding excitement, we forgot to confirm whether there is a cable wired in our new apartment-- (turned out there is NO cable anywhere in the apartment)... so we cannot order anything from Comcast because we cannot do a dial-up internet (two computers and a videophone??? Puh-please).

You would think that I would be experienced with settling in a new home but apparently not-- we made many rookie mistakes. Silly mistakes like forgetting to set up an account with gas company which results in no hot water for one week.
But it doesn't end there--
When we called the Washington Gas company, they said that they refuse to provide us gas because we owe them money. Wha, but but we just moved in? They said that we need to prove that we are not the bad tenants that apparently has a LARGE debt to the Washington Gas company... so that means we have to walk in with our current lease stating the move-in date as our proof that we have no idea about the debt that the previous tenants left behind.

Until then, we gotta wait until all is cleared up and the gas man will come down to release the gas!

(The story behind "no cable": The landlord apparently spent last 12 months just revamping the whole first floor of the apartment building-- replacing the drywalls, the flooring, carpeting, and everything... so in the course of construction, the landlord forgot to tell the contractor to drill out a hole for cable to be installed. However, there are plenty of phone jacks-- I think in our bedroom alone, there are four. Who needs so many phone lines?!)

It is getting harder and harder to move and settle down because everything in DC requires you to state your phone number.
I do not even know the number of my old apartment during my residence in the past year. Why is everything so phone-orientated? My husband nitpicked a representative about this and they stated that it is almost like stating your SSN-- it is their way of confirming that you do live in D.C..
Great. Now how do I find out the phone number of my residence? Help?

And one final thing-- I cannot find ANYTHING online about keeping a landline open for free for Deaf consumers for only the purpose of calling 911. I do not want to establish a phone account and spend money on something that we WON'T use. I have heard about that Deaf consumers can keep their phone line for free... so... is this a myth or for real? I guess I will just contact Verizon and ask them about it.

So yeah... we are not settled in just yet.

but but but BUT
I will be right BACK!!!!!!!


Der Sankt said...

i think you can use 911 with but then again, you'd need cable.

Since you've moved in :) I know now to write you a lil something!


Anonymous said...

Free 911 phoneline for deaf ... that's a neat idea. What did Verizon say?