Tuesday, August 5

To Hell with the Blood-suckers!

mos·qui·to [muh-skee-toh] –noun, plural -toes, -tos.
1. any of numerous dipterous insects of the family Culicidae, the females of which suck the blood of animals and humans, some species transmitting certain diseases, as malaria and yellow fever.

THOSE blood-suckers are making my life MISERABLE. I think somewhere in their DNA says: "Find Kirsi. Suck the hell out of Kirsi." I have scars to prove their violence upon me. Why me?! Why do you have to bite me over and over?! Ain't my blood good enough for ONE BITE?!

I am just so upset because overnight I have four new mosquito bites on my feet alone (because apparently I stuck them out from beneath the blanket that I was using as my mosquito net). That brings the current tally of unbearable itchy bites to: 12. I am trying my best to NOT scratch those bites because last time I did that and that is how I got those horrible dark patches all over my legs...

In just one year of living in East Coast, my legs went from beautiful sun-kissed legs to ugly blotchy sticks of bitten flesh.

I tried to follow a friend's advice:
Advice on the mosquitoes.. Random. not to be done in order.
one, stop eating bananas, if you do...
two, if you don't wanna use bug spray, use Avon's Skin-So-Soft.. it helps.
Three.... mark an X on each mosquito bite with your nail and then rub rubbing alcohol on it with a cotton ball. It'll help the itch a bit.
four. all else fails, take a benadryl. and use bug spray. :)

...but my battles against the D.C. mosquitos are futile so I am in need of more home remedies to repeal mosqutios bites. (Garlic? Ginger roots? What what?)

Maybe I just need a good blood flush-out and get a different blood type...

Until then, I am putting a hex on the DC mosquitos!


poweron said...

Any chance you become vampire?

Anonymous said...

Dear Kirsi,

Wow! We have one thing in common. The same experience I have encountered - WHAT? A mosquito bite; which happened to me literally two days ago that I experienced two "huge" red marks but because I have learned the new vocabulary you put on your blog which is called "dark patches" that I was really overly paranoid - thought maybe it was a kind of "tick" bite but when it comes to learning a fact from your article, wow, what a relief for me to be educated from such a young girl like you learning so much in life, I appreciate you and your article. Please keep in touch, Gilda at Everyday ASL Productions. Again, thanks!!

Mela said...

I know this was a looong time ago, but, just found your blog and catchin up a wee bit. SO, mosquitos love me too! BUT, peppermint oil helps soothe and stop the itch! I found this out from being in a SE Asian country where Chinese people are and gave me some! Now back in the US i bought myself some, essential peppermint oil! Also it can help with other things like headaches n soar throat..hope it helps a lil. *smile*