Wednesday, November 5

Yes, We Can!

Last night, in anticipating of who would win after counting the electoral college votes, I was at Gallaudet's James Sorenson Lee Communication Center (SLCC) and I ended up being in one of pictures in an article published by Inside Gallaudet.

Inside Gallaudet: Kendall Green watches Election Day unfold

so from that article, I am copying and pasting:

Students check election results on a laptop in the SLCC atrium during an election night "Sleep-In.

Hey, Inside Gallaudet writers, sorry to correct you, but I was actually working on a Powerpoint presentation that was due next day (today!).

It was crazy and CROWDED at the SLCC. I was lucky to grab the seats in the center, armed with three slices of pizza (selfish, I know but I am a graduate student! Don't you know that Graduate students don't eat unless the food is free?) with the laptop powering up, trying to finish my powerpoint presentation.
Let me tell you, it was a BAD idea to try to do my homework at last minute, especially at the SLCC while watching the election on the big screen TV! The professors really shouldn't assign us anything due the day after the election day.

But I managed to finish my powerpoint presentation (and I delivered it well this morning!... I think.).

The story tidbit about the big screen TV went dark-- TRUE-BIZ! I was running back to the SLCC from the Rathskeller bar with a friend, soda in my hand and grilled cheese sandwich for her, and as we slowed down to catch the update as we entered the building, ALL SUDDENLY THE TV WENT BLACK!
Apparently somebody tripped on the power cord. People were shouting and screaming (and signing, of course): "WHAT HAPPENED?! I SAW THE CLOSED-CAPTIONING SAY THAT OBAMA WON?!" so people ran up to the second floor (and some tiny televisions in the hallway and classrooms) and they were able to relay the information: Obama won.

At first we were like, "NO?! ALREADY?! 11pm?!" Because we thought the western states were JUST closing their polls so how could they be done with their votes counted?!

Nonetheless, we were enthusiastic and we were hugging everybody, stranger and friend. Immediately the students were planning where to get alcohol and whom dorm room to throw a celebration party. Unfortunately, I have moved past that stage and don't forget, I got that darn powerpoint presentation at 9am the next day...
so I biked home with my other half and went to bed smiling.

(for the video recordings of the event, go to Deaf Perspective's blog)

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