Saturday, December 13

23 years already?

So yeah, I turned 23 last Thursday. No snow for my birthday as I wished for. It is ok. I will live. It did snow a week prior to my birthday (as always, it seems.)

To review my life in a glance to see how I have spent the past twenty-three years on Earth:

I was born in San Diego, California.
I swam.
I went to Lafayette Elementary School.
I learned how to be Deaf.
I went to London.
I went on a family car trip up and down California.
I went to Finland to visit my family.
I went to Kroc Middle School.
I went to Washington D.C. as part of 8th grade school trip.
I graduated from Madison High School, go class of 2003!.
I went to Finland to visit the family again.
I met my husband one day before my birthday.
I went to Turkey.
I surfed on my own.
I graduated from San Diego State University.
I went to Europe, dozens of countries.
I visited my family in Finland.
I moved from San Diego to Washington D.C..
I go to Gallaudet University.
I live in Washington D.C. with my husband.
I am a graduate student.
I am twenty-three years old.


Deb Ann said...

Happy Birthday to you!! :)
(I'd mail you 23 balloons, just kidding)

poweron said...

Hey! I count only 22 sentences. Come on, one more sentence to make 23!

angelmelodi said...

It is very nice to see a nice deaf student like me. I am a begginer deaf student actually. I'm a bit slow at aanderstanding, but I'm very excited. I went to my first deaf-event for my class and it beat my expectation, because we made a very lively crowd for deaf people! Ur backround is interesting. Im also from Europe. I'm also congradulate to Obabma and am curious to know what peopel think of obama. Think you for reading my message. Talk to you soon!