Saturday, December 13

Deaf Interpreting Education Programs

It seems the information about Deaf interpreting classes or ITP (Interpreting Training Program) is not widely shared so here are the 411 if you are interested in taking some courses or a program as supplementary training to the mandated 16-hour workshops provided to satisfy the RID's requirement prior to take up the CDI written test.

Seattle Community College, Washington a Certificate program. Offers an ITP (AA degree) as well

Phoenix Community College, Arizona
, AA degree program, it seems.

Gallaudet University, Washington D.C. two programs, BA and MA, in Interpretation. Open to everybody, hearing or deaf. Summer courses offered re: Deaf-Blind interpreting and so forth.

University of Vermont, Offered a summer course in CDI training in 2007. An ongoing or annual program, uncertain. I only can find old information from "Deaf Today" website so if you do have the current information, please do share!

To find a CDI training workshop in your area, use RID's "Find a Workshop" search. You might tweak it a bit, try various keywords such as "DEAF", "CDI", "ROLES", "FUNCTIONS" to find the two workshops required for prospective Deaf interpreters: "Code of Professional Conduct" and "Role and function of a Deaf interpreter."

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