Tuesday, January 27

A Follow-up on "An Open Letter for President Obama"

I never said that I decided the name sign. I have seen this name sign used by many. Even an ASL logo created by Brian Milburn, Randy Jackson and Sheena Stuart wasn't made by me. Here are vlogs with the name sign for President Obama that preceded my video assignment:

"Cry for Peace"
- December 01, 2008
SignName for Obama? - November 08, 2008
You neutral? - November 02, 200
Obama Rally - February 05, 2008

(if you have more vlogs of various name signs for Obama, feel free to add it by posting a comment.)

Tell me-- how could I invent a name sign that was ALREADY invented by the Deaf communities that I frequent?

All controversial issues aside-- why don't YOU make an open letter to President Obama and TELL him who you represent and what does that group decide. Don't let me stop you-- go ahead and make your own open-letter in ASL.

After all, he is OUR president.

WhiteHouse(DOT)gov is a good place to start. If you wish to mail your video, the address is:
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500


Adam said...


Thank you for your comment and explanation on my vlog about the video that you have made that is on YouTube. I was only shown the video itself, so I didn't know about any of the disclaimer about it or anything with it. I have added my apologies about the misunderstanding on my vlog.

And to anyone else who reads this, if someone says "Our namesign for ..." and it isn't the one that you wouldn use or you have another one, just say that rather than attacking someone even if they say (or appear to say) that they are speaking for everyone in the world. And if you do share a namesign, make sure that it is clear that it is for what group you are representing with the video of the namesign whenever possible as that might be the only thing that someone else might see. I hope that we can all learn from this and move on.


PS My vlog is at www.frostvillage.com/blog if anyone was wondering. And BTW comments can also be done by video on my vlog as I prefer things in ASL myself. ;-)

Anonymous said...

This is a very typical scenario in the deaf community. Why don't Obama come up with one all by himself???

Der Sankt said...

Actually, I did that. I sent your vlog to the white house!!

I stand behind your namesign :)


mishkazena said...

That's correct. I've seen this sign elsewhere, too

Deaf258 said...

I kiss-fist you! :)