Friday, January 9


"5 bucks."

I took out my wallet- but I stopped myself... wrong body language.
She handed back my RX note. No pills.
A replay-
maroon lipsticked lips opening wide...
"fiiiffffttteeennnn ....bbb" no. I must misread. Fifteen? Bucks? Cannot be it!
...loop the replay....
FIFTEEN MINUTES. That was what she said.
Feeling a fool with my wallet out, I smiled and acted smooth-- I took out my wallet to put in my RX note in.
What? Serious? I sure look like an idiot. Stuffing a giant RX note in my tiny wallet.

I walked back to the lounge, placed my foolish butt down in the chair, fumbled around-- wallet, RX, purse.

Rolling eyes at myself, how could I misread her?
Five bucks, fifteen minutes? Huge difference here!

Plotting who to blame for my idiotic actions, think think.
Assumption is at fault here.
I blame it on the fact that I know that certain RX costs me 5 bucks, so my predictions of an usual routine has caused me to be overconfident.

Silly me, I darted my eyes around to figure out the time-- does she mean exactly 15 minutes or your typical 15 minutes which really means an hour?
Longtime dependent on the electronic billboard where your name will pop up in green led lights, indicating that your RX is ready to be picked up, I assure myself when I spot such a billboard--
It is not working! This wonderful device is broken. It is black. No led lights perking up for your name. No light at end of the tunnel...

I am at a loss. How do I know when my RX is ready??? Will they yell out my name?

Oh no.

Eyes alert now, dependent on body language now. Eyes glancing over my neighbors- there were only three of them. Note to self: if their head turn around to both sides, it means a name was shouted over and over -- and that name must be mine. Yes, that poor Deaf woman doesn't know her own name.

Roll my eyes.

Waiting for that body movement--
head tilting, circling around...
Nothing yet... why?


Frozen, a pharmacist waved for my attention.
Not in a humiliating way-- waving big and shouting at same time that many ignorant hearing people seem to adopt. Not this one. He waits until I glance up and then he waves as if saying: "you, come."

Wait, they remember I am deaf? Wow, nice of them.

Flabbergasted, I found myself walking up to the booth.

"Five dollars." This time, I read right.


razzi said...

haha, I've been in the same situation too! I remember once, an older man asked me, "How are you?" but he kinda mumbled so I thought he said, "How old are you?"... I thought it was random he was asking my age, so I replied, "Twenty" and he gave me a strange look... oh boy. My friend just laughed and clarified. AHHH. haha. Good call on stuffing your RX note into your wallet!

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Hi gnarlydorkette,
I had a similar embarassing experience at a doctor's office when I thought they called my name but they had actually called someone else's. Wanted to fall through the floor but had to return to the waiting room and hope nobody knew what had happened. This pharmacist seems like a decent chap. He really handled the situation well. I would continue to take my business there. Prescription for $5 - that's terrific too!
Happy New Year,
Sarah aka speakuplibrarian

Ben said...

Good story.

Please, write another.