Friday, February 27

Uncharted Territory: CDI

You don't expect life to be pre-packaged and coming with a manual for you to know how to operate your life.

So why should you expect the CDI journey to be any different than the above statement? Even though this field is over 30 years old, there is not much about the Deaf interpreting field, especially with educational and networking opportunities to expand ourselves.

Don't expect the Deaf interpreting to come in a single book, ready with all facts highlighted for you to memorize.

Don't expect everybody to understand what you want and teach you about Deaf interpreting.

Don't expect to slack off and wait for information and opportunities to be delivered into your hands.

The fact still stands: Deaf interpreting is novel under the umbrella of Interpretation and you are a pioneer. You are wandering into the uncharted territory. It is known that people have gone through this territory but unfortunately the lines of communications are pretty much primitive-- no blogs, no publications, no articles, not so much of research, and very few workshops.

Strange as it may sound, but if you play "Oregon Trail Game" at your elementary school, you witness the reality of pioneering played out-- how some families made it across the Rockies in their covered wagon just fine; while some families suffer with famine, illnesses, harsh weather, or worst their wagon wheel broke and there is no station in sight.

That game is akin to the people within the Deaf interpreting field. Some of us achieve. Some of us fail. All of us struggle along the way. We all are pioneers, walking down on the Deaf Interpreting trail.

The only advice I can give you is: take up a map, try to plot your course, and write down what you have seen along your journey and share with your fellow pioneers.


Anonymous said...

Compared to hearing sign language interpreters how much does certified deaf interpreters earn for work? Are certified deaf interpreters treated with contempt by hearing certified interpreters? You get my drift?

gnarlydorkette said...

RID's "VIEWS" newsletter did publish a survey from CDIs and their experiences in the field.
The article, "The Role of Deaf Interpreters: Investigating What Deaf Interpreters Experienced" was written by Lynn Capps Dey. Find it in the Winter 2009 verison.
This article should answer your questions.