Tuesday, April 7

I Could Care Less

As I typed in "I Could Care Less" for the title, I had to stop myself for a second, searching for verification that I have used the idiom correctly... a quick Google search has yielded to confirm my understanding of the English idiom.

English is a funny language, really. It has so many moot phrases or lexical units that make no sense; and you couldn't explain to any second-language learners (like ME!) why it comes into form.

It seems the only way to actually become fluent in English is by rote learning all of its crooked grammar rules.

Don't fight it. Don't question it. Accept it. "ACCEPT-HARD"! If you think about it, the English* language is like Mafia. Don't mess with it or their minutemen will throw you across the borders!

(*=American English, not to be confused with British English.)

Anyway... getting back to the point, that being the original goal of my post which I decided to entitle "I Could Care Less"...

There is about five weeks left in the spring semester, five weeks before I declare my first year as a graduate student completed, five weeks before I stick my head out of the hole just to see the REAL WORLD, five weeks before I am myself again, five weeks...


People have begun to discuss about their summer plans-- where to find a job, whose place to stay at, whether going back home or stay in the city...

But me?
I Could Care Less.

My home is here.
My job is random-- babysitting, petsitting, research assistant-- wherever the money is, I am there.
I have my own place.
And I don't think I will go Home for the entire summer. Maybe a week here or there... who knows?

I Could Care Less.
Life goes on...

Actually-- I do care.

I have two things to look forward this summer-- ARTOMATIC and the RID National Conference.

I am actually a bit nervous about the RID conference since I heard that only 33% of their workshops are actually given in ASL. I hope I don't have to request for interpreters WHILE I am at an interpreter conference!


Then again....

I Could Care Less.

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MM said...

I was born and live here and can go back about 400 years at least... I can't understand english lol...... The best example of spoken and written English I ever saw, was from an Indian called Shamsuddin....from Asia, I worked with in the middle east at one time, he knew more about English and Britain than I did, it's as if he knew Queen Victoria personally....and his handwriting put me to shame, he was word perfect.

We do have loads of idioms and sayings, unfortunately for America no Audism word, we tried the dictionary all we got was Autistic.... So its not valid till we accept it lol... The key here is the ENGLISGH dictionary, not that funny American one, how many beers did you have writing that :) I disagree, there is no such thing as 'American English', (I don't know what you speak over there but don't blame us for it !).

You have an issue with vowels don't you ? :) Contrary to popular belief most of us here think Shakespere talked utter rubbish.... still, it gets us American dollars....