Friday, May 29

Walking Through This Forest Called "LIFE"...

As we get older (not old, mind you), we begin to take our own paths in our lives. Some of it may crisscross with friends' paths... sometimes they just get far apart. Some paths stay parallel.

I think the style of my paths is weaving all over, with no desire to stay parallel to whatever path is laid by a friend. Perhaps an English idiom would be best described: "I march to the beat of my own drum." However I have to admit that sometimes I wish my path will stay parallel to one or two close friends, but because of my independence and strong-will, I will just pave ahead and say "see you around!" to those dear friends with a heavy heart, knowing that our pathways may never cross again.

But I accept it.

There are so many friends and people that come in your life-- some long enough to make a good connection, some just too brief to find out each other's birthdays, some that you wish you never met, some that you vaguely remember other than that one-time good conversation you two had at a mutual friend's home, some who you want to walk up and introduce yourself but feels too shy, and some who you just cannot avoid at all.

I accept that people will weave in and out my life, just like I weave in and out into scattered pathways that belong to different people present-- and in the past... and more in the future. It is all about adventures of meeting people, isn't it?

And I think you need to accept the fact as well about me. I am too independent. I don't cling. I don't grow close to anybody who I know will drift away naturally. I don't force anybody away. I do savor our time together. But if your path becomes too close to mine-- I will shift my pathway away.

I don't know why I shift my pathway on purpose. It is just me-- I do not want to be stuck and restricted in paving my path-- just because your pathway is in my way doesn't mean I will stay passively and pave along beside you.

You should be confident in yourself-- paving your own way, developing more deeper friendships with people who are in your life now, tearfully remembering those people who went out of your life due to a job, family, or relocation, and smiling as you meet new people as you grow up.

Pave on. Don't wait for me. Go on. I will just pave over here...


Ben said...

pave on sister. pave on.

Mela said...

Wow, that is interesting. I feel quite similar in many ways. Over the past 5 years many people have come in and out of my life, and the way you described it was perfect. It is hard to see people go, but you are right, we should focus on the people that are in our lives now. I really liked how put everything, we are on the same "wavelength". Smile.