Saturday, June 13

Blogs about or by CDI "CDI Study Group"
- a Deaf interpreter study group operated by Dilbretta RID- Deaf Caucus
- a blog operated by Juliann Wasisco, the chairperson of Deaf Caucus, a member-section group under RID (Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf) "Certified Deaf Interpeters" by Lauren Ridloff
- a blog entry made by i711 about Certified Deaf Interpeters
- a vlogger who occasionally made vlogs about CDI issues to discuss.

I will LOVE to add more blogs about CDI or bloggers who are (or will become) CDIs, so if I miss yours in this vast WWW, let me know by leaving a comment!

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TerpTopics, LLC said...


Thank you for the CDI Blogs info. Today, we will update the LINKS page at TerpTopics and add your blog to the BlogRoll, too! (smile)

By the way: Love your YouTube vids. Really good stuff.

Best wishes!