Monday, July 13

Speedy Results - RID

Test Name Test Date Location Retake Results Sent
CDI Written 06/07/2008 Gallaudet University No 07/01/2008
CDI Performance 01/28/2009 Gallaudet University No 02/23/2009

Notice that I received the results from each test within a month after I took it up.

The speed of mailing results by RID has been impressive, given the history of people waiting over six months or so to receive their results. This complaint has been well documented in VIEWS, a quarterly newsletter published by RID, where RID members has written letters and there is several articles by RID to assure the members re: the backlog of all examinations to be graded/evaluated.

"Performance test results are now taking an average of less than two months."

So you can breathe with a relief knowing that you can get your results almost immediately. Especially with NIC written examination that's computer based, which I was told that the computer will tell you your results right after you finished the written examination.

Radically different from those letters and articles, oh, those old days of snail mail... :-)

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enigma said...

I got mine within a week. Pretty fast. I was worried to hear that they would take forever but they didn't. My props for them on that.