Tuesday, September 8

The Terror of District of Columbia

The Terror of D.C. is....

I have received three tickets so far this year. The year previous, I also got three tickets.
And almost every ticket costs me $100.

Hold up, just let me explain....

You see, District of Columbia has this silly, silly, silly law that requires you to have a residental parking permit. Yessire, if you live right here in D.C. and you don't have a garage-- you gotta pay to park on your home street. Silly, I know!

Since this urbanite lives in an apartment in good ol' District of Columbia, I gotta park my car on the street. Summer of 2008 flew by and no ticket and I was one happy girl.

Until somebody jinxed it for me.

"Didja know you were supposed to register and get a permit even if you are from out-of-state? ROSA, that is what it is called... check it out... you might get a ticket."

DAMMIT! Why did you jinx me, dude?
I got a ticket.

Out of curiosity, I tried to find information about the whole ROSA scheme.... 300$ for a student to register for a parking permit?!
"Fuggetaboudit," I said to myself. I got by for months without getting a ticket, maybe that one ticket was just a bad day for my car and me.

More tickets followed up and I resorted to buy a 86$ yearly parking permit at Gallaudet.

I should be safe by now.
Well, you would think that, huh!?
Not true.
Whenever I decided to park at a friend's home somewhere else in D.C. or innocently parking in front of a nice restaurant after feeding coins to the meter and all--

the PLAGUE OF PINK SLIPS followed me.
Dang it!

The pink slips claim that I "fail to secure DC tags."
Oh, the nerve of those pink slips! Accusing me right and left!

BUT now those pink slips have became really angry, I mean, really really angry. They are threatening to tow my car. Threatening to boot my car. THREAT.

An orange boot on my blue car? Nuhhhh-HUH!

After a year of dodging the parking enforcement cars, dodging the pink slips, dodging the threats...

I got to think... that 300$ student parking permit is definitely cheaper.

Think about-- three tickets at 100$ = three hundred of dollars going to the parking enforcement. I would rather to have my three Benjamin Franklins going to my car instead to the terror.

Say NO to the Terror.
Buy the residential parking permit.
You cannot escape the pink slips.
Say NO to the Terror by NOT funding them.

Eff you, D.C. Eff you.
I ain't gonna keep on feeding you! I am gonna set my blue car free in Virginia! I ain't gonna support the Terror!


LS said...

eh. same old story. I owe DC 200 bucks back in 2003. Never pay them. fook em!

RLM said...

Jeez! I am much aware about the DC government get an earful of endless complaints and criticisms from DC residents like the churchgoers from out of town hogged the parking spaces every Sunday mornings.

That's how the whole situation with the resident permit registration got started in the first place. :(

$300 for the student parking permit seems too excessive for the student budget. :(

Robert L. Mason (RLM)

gnarlydorkette said...

Yeah-- the irony thing is that if you change your license to D.C., it will only costs you $15 for the parking permit.
So that is a huge difference-- but DC resident does pay the city taxes whereas out-of-state students don't so it is understandable.
Still, $300 is one big price tag for a frugal student.

Agrippa said...

I used to live in Washington, D.C. The ticket writers there were relentless and, evidently, lazy. Several times I was notified of unpaid parking tickets for illegally parking in front of my apartment when the car was with me at work. Evidently, the ticket writer was just phoning the tickets in. It made me so tense that I would routinely call city hall to make sure no warrants were issued in my name due to unpaid traffic tickets. I was happy to leave Washington.