Friday, November 6

Food for Thoughts

I thought I should share the blurbs about Deaf Interpreters in two codes of ethics that I found from two organizations:
  • "3.3 Deaf Interpreters
    The services of a Deaf interpreter may be required when working with individuals who use regional sign dialects, non-standard signs, foreign sign languages, and those with emerging language use. They may also be used with individuals who have disabling conditions that impact on communication. Members will recognize the need for a Deaf interpreter and will ensure their inclusion as a part of the professional interpreting team."

  • "2.4 Request support (e.g., certified deaf interpreters, team members, language facilitators) when needed to fully convey the message or to address exceptional communication challenges (e.g. cognitive disabilities, foreign sign language, emerging language ability, or lack of formal instruction or language). "
I like the term inclusion when a Deaf interpreter is included in a team which mean all interpreters, deaf or hearing, are equal. 
For me, the term support conjures the thought of a supporting actor, who may be "important in a play or film but subordinate to the leading parts." I am not too crazy about the word subordinate.

Now, here is the food for your thoughts: which code belongs to which organization?
I am still investigating for other codes to see how many other codes do mention specifically Deaf interpreters. 

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MM said...

Problems here include issues with regional signs, the UK has a dozen ! As BSL is now a 'set' academic course the terps are having issues coping with regional signers. There were rows over regioanl deaf judges of interpreter exams where one deaf person from a different region can fail a terp trained by the 'system' while other judges will not. BSL awareness started in the North Of england and we had a flood of stuff years ago, but it bore little relation to regional signing elsewhere. Hearing wanted to sue because they had spent many thousands of pounds sterling to get BSL skills... still deaf resist any norm of sign.