Tuesday, March 30

Attention Deafies of PCRID!!

PCRID (Potomac Chapter = Greater Washington D.C. area) is offering a scholarship for the Deaf members to take up CDI examinations!! Apply if you are a PCRID member!!

Copying and pasting from their newsletter...

NEW CDI Certification Scholarship
PCRID’s Statement: In recognition of the ever-increasing costs associated with becoming a certified Deaf interpreter, PCRID has established this scholarship to encourage the next generation of Deaf interpreters to become certified.
The PCRID CDI Certification Scholarship will be awarded to an eligible Deaf member who wishes to take the CDI performance test.  The recipient of the award will be recommended to the PCRID Board by the Scholarships and Awards Committee through a review of supporting documentation.  The applicant is eligible to receive no more than one award per year.   If no award is received, applicant may apply again during the next award cycle.

Recipient will be presented with:
PCRID will send in the application and payment for the certification candidate when s/he is applying for the proficiency test.

 Application Requirements:
Applicant must be a member, in good standing, of both RID and PCRID.
Applicant must author a letter explaining how this award will best serve them as an interpreter in our community
Applicant must provide a letter of recommendation from an individual who is familiar with their skills.
Applicant must have successfully passed all portions of the written test prior to applying for performance test funding.  Proof of passing the written test is required.
Applicant must submit a copy of the application form and documentation to sac@pcrid.net
Award will be presented at the PCRID Conference in November, 2010.

Due Date:  Application material must be received by September 15, 2010.
Award recipients must submit test application and request for a testing date and site within twelve (12) months of award being granted.
Awards are for future tests. Reimbursements will not be granted for tests previously taken.

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