Monday, July 5

CDI Program in Colorado


Excerpted e-mail from Veditz Center's Bucky:
"We are looking for more applicants and the deadline is next Friday, July 16.
Information on this is at and they can email us at for more information."

It is a nine-month program in Colorado offering 11 workshops and 22 workgroups, starting in Fall 2010, on training Deaf interpreters for CDI written and performance tests
Excellent presenters, Trenton Marsh, Jimmy Beldon and more, will lead the workshops/workgroups. 
Sounds like a great program!!

I think all Deaf interpreters in Colorado and nearby states should sign up for the series-- and for some Deaf Interpreters (certified or non-certified) who can fly out for a workshop or two, you can check out when their workshops are and sign up for some CEUs.
It is not often you see an comprehensive program that offers series of Deaf interpreting workshops-- Road to Deaf Interpreting is in Massachusetts which is a bit far for the West Coast folks, so CDI Program in Colorado is an excellent choice for those who live in mid-America and nearby West coast states.


Check out the website, and the below links are .pdf for more information and application-- the information packet has every answer for your questions, so click the first link below to download the packet.

For full information re: costs, who presents, when, click here.

To fill out an application, click here to become a CDI in training!

(On a side note:
"About Veditz Center:
Embracing the energy of George Veditz (1861 – 1937), Veditz Center is a catalyst for cultural unity amongst the deaf and ASL community in Colorado. With over 350,000 deaf people in Colorado, Veditz Center seeks to raise $1,150,000 over the next 36 months for planned construction of a fitness center, swimming pool, community room, event center, and co-op offices for doctors, dentists, lawyers, and other professionals who communicate in ASL.")

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