Friday, July 23

Kale vs. Broccoli

While growing up, one of my favorite vegetable is broccoli.

I will eat it raw, broiled, or steamed.
I eat it on my pizza, in my stir fry dish, next to my pasta, or as a stand-alone dish with a dash of salt and pepper on it.
I have a home sign for broccoli when I was small-- "TREE" but with the dominant hand positioned at the wrist of your non-dominant hands to indicate that broccolis are indeed tiny trees to a child's imaginative mind.
I love broccoli.

Until I met kale this year.

So delicious.
So easy to prepare.
Suddenly, I began to doubt my relationship with broccoli. Kale can go with anything-- scrambled eggs for breakfast, pasta for dinner, accompanying tiny potatoes for a splash of color, or with white beans to be served as a soup.

As of now, my top three favorite vegetables are: potatoes, kale, and zucchini.

"Sorry, Broccoli.
It's not you, it's me. My taste buds are changing. Hope you understand.
Heart,  Me"

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