Monday, August 16


With all the hype over iPhone 4, I iSucccumbed  as well.

I was a free agent with no contract held over my head, so I was checking out the HTC EVO (which offers two-way video calls via an app called "Fring") but the Sprint stores were sold out and the online store was out of stock for more than two weeks.
I got fed up of waiting for a new phone so I decided to break away from Sprint and signed up for iPhone with AT&T.

A month later, I am still clumsy with my iPhone-- my typos are more noticeable in emails and I can't walk and type at same time. Prior to iPhone, often my friends would comment on how I can follow a conversation with full attention while typing on my BB without looking--  I was very skilled at multitasking. Not anymore with iPhone. I have tunnel-visioned with iPhone and missed the world turning around me.
However I recently found an app where I can type while looking where I am going because it sets up the whole screen as if it is transparent while using the camera so it is as if I can see through my iPhone. Definitely gonna download that one.

Anyway, I have to get back to what I wanted to write about--  my reaction to to Facetime.
People asked me how it was, have I download the ZVRS app, who did I call for my first Facetime call, and how often do I Facetime?

It seems to me that people found the feature Facetime more impressive than the iPhone 4 itself.

To be frank, I haven't used ZVRS. I didn't download the app. I have the VP at home for that. I don't use Facetime everyday. I might have used it like three times so far in a month. I am a bit leery of using Facetime because I do not want people to see where I am or what I am wearing. I do not want to take up time to answer calls when I can multi-task by playing a game, answering a text, surfing Facebook and ignoring emails. Call me snobby but  I am more fascinated with Hipstamatic than Facetime! That app is my FIST-SMACK!

So. Why am I not impressed with Facetime like everybody else?
Is it because I am spoiled? Is it because I do expect Facetime? Is it because I demand more as a Deaf consumer? I mean, Facetime is only compatible with other iPhone 4 users-- and that is a bummer. I want to be able to video-chat with anybody who has a webcam.

Should I be grateful to Apple for making it possible for Deaf people to video-chat on phone? Should I bow forever to Apple for including Deaf people in their iPhone4 commercial?
Should I feed to the hype of iPhone by getting super-duper excited about Facetime as a Deaf person?
Should I be humble and enjoy what I, as a Deaf person, have instead of expecting the high standards?

Sorry, but it looks like I am pretty spoiled with my accessibility.
I want to be able to video-chat with my loved ones on gChat, with friends who do not have iPhone4, with people who does have a VP or webcam.
I want my Freedom to Facetime with anybody! And I want it now!


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A Fitzpatrick said... works on any computer, and plays on iPhone, iPad, Android phones, and Blackberries. They don't have an app yet to record from the mobile device, but you can send to it from any computer webcam. Oh, and the price is right, it's completely free. Perfect for ASL messaging regardless if the other person is available.