Friday, September 3

Tips for College Grad Graduates

1- Get your schiesse together. You are your own professor now. You set the due dates for everything. You might enjoy the freedom, but you will enjoy it better if you set a routine or schedule to complete "to-do" stuff like, say... TAXES.

2- You are a big kid now. Stop using your parent's credit card.

3- Get a schedule. It doesn't have to be a 9 to 4 job, but at least something to get you out of the bed.

4- Sleep well. That means saying "no" to Facebook at midnight.

5- And say "no" to partying if you have to work next day.

6- Read PH.D Comics and be glad you are done with graduate school.

If you have satisfied the above list, CONGRATULATIONS, YOU ARE AN ADULT ALL ON YOUR OWN!

(*Author's note: according to the list, I am not an adult yet. :-/ )

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