Sunday, October 3

What's in your bag?

To satisfy her curiosity about what's in my bag...

-My passport in lieu of my driver's license (long story short: I lost my driver's license.)
-Three lip balms: two Burt's bee, one being tinted while another is your original Burt's bee and one chapstick.
-One mirror (purple).
-One pencil, one fine marker, one ballpoint pen.
-Six hair barrettes/bobby pins.
-One post-it notepad.
-Four band-aids (you can't see its color but it is purple and neon green)
-One unlined paper pad (blue floral).
-One 4 oz. hand lotion (Udderly Smooth lotion)
-One set of keys.
-One black patent wallet with heart cutouts to show green fabrics underneath. 
-One book (in this picture, "interpreter of maladies" by Jhumpa Lahiri).
-One iPhone (which is missing because it was used to take this picture.)


kym said...

Cute bag...and thanks for playing along!

Mirabai Knight said...

Wow. Interpreters travel light! Here's what I keep in my CART bag:

It weighs about 26 pounds.

Anonymous said...

HI, when is the next CDI training coming up?