Monday, September 22

Retreating from the blogsphere

Has the trend of blogging evolves to trend of tweeting/Instantgram'ing? I feel like I do not know anybody who still blogs.

Twitter and IG definitely require much less commitment in editing and proofing the post. After all it is just a picture and an array of filters to select from or a maximum count of 120 characters.  This pales in comparison to a blog post which can vary by large-- a paragraph (like this one) has already exceeded the commitment/investment I put in on IG or Twitter.

What I am trying to say is that I am now debating with myself whether to keep on breathing life into this blog.
My secondary goal is to share information about Deaf interpreting to any Deaf person who may be piqued but do not know where to start.

Yet my primary goal is to continue a public diary-esque blog but I find this difficult when people do know who GnarlyDorkette is. I have lost my mask. I have lost that freedom of writing whatever comes to my mind. Now I have to be mindful of what I type-- using filters to save face in case somebody I know stumbles across this blog.

I originally began this blog to find my niche/crowd because I didn't feel that I fit in any specific crowd-- I wanted a platform for my thoughts and feelings and use that venture to connect with a "same-ness" community... a way to gain insights to know myself better.

I think I have found myself. I am glad I did. More secure with myself... more assertive and comfortable in what I want out of this little thing called "life".
I am still meeting people-- which is good news for my type. While living in DC, I definitely had made some lifetime friends that I will always cherish but at same time lament that they do not live in the same city as I.

I have accepted that I wouldn't have my best friend(s) readily within 30 miles of me. I do have plenty of friends nearby that I can reach out whenever I feel like getting out of my introverted bubble. That, I am grateful for. I am glad that I can VP/glide/facetime with my best friends whenever I need my fix. Can't complain.

Should I go with the flow and allow the evolution of purpose with this blog to be a Deaf-interpreting centered blog or let this go-- and find a new mask to continue my freedom of writing out my thoughts/feelings as a Deaf woman.

I hope I can give you all an answer soon. I guess as a saying goes-- Stay tuned.

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